You are unique. Make them notice you.

The first impression you make, whether to a potential employer, an admissions committee, or anyone who reads your email, will often be made in writing. Make your words impress.

The Write Sense wants to help you write better. Through online lectures, video courses and e-books, and in class workshops, we will take you step by step through the writing process.


The Write Sense = the right sense.

Our mission: to help you make your ideas easily understood by any reader, give your ideas the weight they deserve, and have your voice recognized.

Whether you need to review the principles of the sentence or paragraph or you need to rewrite an essay, getting the right help along the way is crucial. Let us help you translate your efforts into any context, be they professional emails and memos, academic assignments, or personal pursuits such as setting up a website.

Writing is a skill for life. Make your writing make sense.



TheWriteSense_ADAMWith close to twenty years’ experience teaching, editing, writing, and providing academic counselling in five countries and online to countless international students and clientele, Adam knows a thing or two about achieving academic and professional success.

Adam’s academic experiences include bachelor studies in philosophy, masters studies in English literature (focus on creative writing), and a professional certification as an editor. Adam has used these experiences to help many students pursue further studies by securing high scores on entrance exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, SAT, TOIEC, GRE, GMAT and others. He has also advised students on how to capture the attention of admissions committees when applying to institutions of higher learning, with statements (Personal Statement, Statement of Intent), essays, resumes, etc., and has helped prospective employees and interns impress hiring managers with high-quality resumes, cover letters, letters of reference, and more.

YouTube LogoAdam is a world-renown YouTuber with over a million subscribers to his (two) channels (youtube.com/engvidadam & youtube.com/writetotop) and over 65 million video views. He is also a content creator and publisher of test-preparation video courses and e-books.

When he’s not working, Adam enjoys traveling (27 countries and counting), cooking (Adam also studied culinary arts), reading, and writing for his own pleasure. Now living in the beautiful city of Busan in S. Korea, Adam understands the difficulties associated with learning a foreign language as he works on building his Korean skills.